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All-in-One Tuition + Revision + Enrichment + After School Student Care

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All-in-One Tuition + Revision + Enrichment + After School Student Care

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Your child will acquire all the knowledge required to succeed in school quicker, better, allowing your family to enjoy the weekends.

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Located in the heart of Katong (just steps away from i12 Katong mall) and serving students from various schools like Tao Nan, CHIJ Katong, CHIJ Serangoon, Haig Girls, Opera Estate Primary School, Telok Kurau Primary School, Tanjong Katong Primary, Temasek Primary and more with:
Student Care Programme

Student Care

Our Student Care Programme ensures that your child becomes equipped with the skills required for the 21st Century.

Meaningful Enrichment

Pre-Primary Preparation

Our Student Care Programme ensures that your child becomes equipped with the skills required for the 21st Century.

Child Minding

Child Minding / Drop Off Service

Provide child minding service if you require some help with you child while you work or carry out you errands for a few hours.

Subject Revision

Daily Support Learning

Subject Revision and Homework Supervision by well trained and qualified teachers

Holiday Programme

Holiday Camp Programme

Our holiday camp ensures "study-play integration" for your child as he/she takes a break from the mundane school rigors and explores the outdoors and discovers their interests

Holistic After School Care Programme

Life Skills Learning


If you find your child constantly asking you to ‘help me with my homework’ but you do not have the spare time or energy, then JUS STUDENTS will render such a service as a perfect solution.

Encouraging Socialisation

The engagement with children from different schools and teachers of varied faculties creates a good platform and opportunity for your child to interact, understand and cultivate tolerance towards diverse learning habits, traditions and cultures with these people.
Encouraging Socialisation
Collaborative & Cohesive Learning

Collaborative & Cohesive Learning

One of the prime rewards of Jus Students is that we offer activities that engage both independent and group learning. These activities help to reinforce collaborative and cohesive ethos amongst team mates and instill a sense of responsibility towards each other in order to see to the completion of a task.

Building Confidence

Many of our activities incorporate opportunities and practices for our children to speak or share their points of view in an organised and confident way. For children with attention issues, or who face challenges with verbalising in a formal classroom setting, we offer the best opportunity for them to join us and build up their confidence with us.
Building Confidence
Beyond The Classroom

Bringing Knowledge Beyond The Classroom

Jus Students not only provides the supervision of homework after school but also collates and exhaust from various resources to design a creative range of activities of varied subject matters to cultivate the love and joy of learning and shape our children into responsible and self managing lifelong learners.

Why Choose
Jus Students

Exclusive Fee Waivers

pick-up time until 8pm

Home-cooked meals

Meaningful Enrichment Activities

Daily subject revision based on school topics

Life skills learning experience

About Us

Jus Students was founded with one purpose – to build a space for all students to grow, learn and create with each passing day.

Through our unique teaching approach and a truly passionate staff, we help students develop academically and personally to the highest level.

We invite you to explore our site and discover the academics and community Jus Students provides to each and every student.

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Parent Accolades

"We choose Jus Students because we want our children to grow up in a quality environment with sufficient personal space to learn, to play and to rest.

Beyond the academics, we prefer our children to grow up with christian’s values and principles in the presence of God.

We believe Stephanie and her team will be able to help our children to be a better person."
Mr Hendri (Alicia's Dad)
“Stephanie and her team emphasizes a constant feedback-loop with parents, which began when she provided infantcare for our boy. Even after several intervening preschool years, Stephanie always asked after us, and also readily remembered our boy’s quirks (even medical ailments), it was easy to see that her JS team are not merely in it to provide a childcare service, but molding solid youths for the future.”
Mr Andy (Bryan's Dad)
"Why and what make us choose Jus Students?
  • firstly, the dedication and vision of the founder, Stephanie, sold us. We knew her from Jus Infants and had seen her at work. We are convinced that our kids were be in good hands with such a thoughtful and caring person.
  • the space is much bigger than many of the established student care with proper segregation between study and play
  • food is cooked on site with wide healthy variety with cater to the development of the kids
  • I believed we need to instill unstructured learning amidst the school curriculum to maintain and promote learning in a fun way which is the philosophy of this Centre
  • the place is like a home away from home which is properly equipped for learning
  • the P1 cohort next year will be the privilege batch as they have dedicated curriculum throughout their journey in Jus Students as Stephanie is focusing on the development of this cohort from P1 to P6
  • other Centre are running at capacity of 120 students or more, in Jus Students, there will be a max of 30 students next year and hence, the attention given to these students will be much more."
  • Ms Lynn (Sia's Mum)

    Where Are We Located

    158 E Coast Rd

    Singapore 428866

    Frequently Asked Questions

    We’re located at 158 E Coast Rd, just 50 meters from i12 Katong mall.

    Yes, we provide delicious home-cooked meals. 

    We receive enrollments more than a year before the actual start of primary school life so please do not hesitate to arrange for a school tour should you be interested in our programme.

    You can take your time and pick up your child until 8pm with us.


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